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Person holding sign that says wake up and smell the wildfire
(Photo by Radu Stanescu on Unsplash.)

Sarah Hsu

After attending Health Care Without Harm’s CleanMed conference as a Stephanie Davis Award winner, medical student Sarah Hsu gained the knowledge and inspiration she needed to conduct her medical school research project. Her recently published research helps us understand the magnitude and impact of emergency department waste. (Photo: Sarah Hsu)

Like a recent report from the Rockefeller Foundation, Bittman’s book exposes the hidden costs of unhealthy and unsustainable food. Although the United States spends around $1.1 trillion per year on food, the true cost once these impacts — rising health care costs, climate change, and biodiversity loss —…

Health system leads on protecting workers

A child working as a weaver in the district of Lahore in Pakistan. (M.Crozet/International Labour Organization/Flickr)

“We really need to remember there is a worker whose life is impacted by the purchasing decisions we make”

— Petra Linden…

The most severe heat wave on record gripped the Pacific Northwest and southwestern Canada this summer (Davis/Flickr)

Mourners attend a vigil for Guatemalan-born farmworker Sebastian Francisco Perez, 38, who died during the heat wave a week ago in Marion County while moving field irrigation lines, in St. Paul, Oregon, U.S. July 3, 2021. PCUN, Oregon’s Farmworker Union organized the vigil outside Ernst Nursery & Farms, the company where Perez was employed. (REUTERS/Alisha Jucevic)

“ I don’t sell plant-based, I sell delicious looking and tasting food that just happens to be plant-based.” — Dan Henroid, University of California San Francisco Medical Center

Bernard Robinson stands next to one of the ambulances he helped develop at Northwell Health Center for Emergency Medical Services. Photo courtesy of Carlyle Miller.

Photo courtesy of Pexels/Pixabay.

Health Care Without Harm

Health Care Without Harm seeks to transform health care worldwide so the sector reduces its environmental footprint and becomes a leader in the global movement.

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