Phalla Nol at the Beverly Farm location of the New Entry Sustainable Farming Program. (Photo courtesy of Trustees of Tufts College.)

When Phalla Nol’s father decided to follow his dream and become a farmer in Massachusetts, she helped him translate the classes he took into their native Khmer but struggled to see how they would make a living working the land.

Once she began to negotiate with local businesses to sell…

Sarah Hsu

After attending Health Care Without Harm’s CleanMed conference as a Stephanie Davis Award winner, medical student Sarah Hsu gained the knowledge and inspiration she needed to conduct her medical school research project. Her recently published research helps us understand the magnitude and impact of emergency department waste. (Photo: Sarah Hsu)

always knew I wanted to explore the intersection of health and the environment. In my first year of college, I wrote a paper on the broader health and environmental impacts of hospitals. It didn’t take long for Health Care Without Harm to turn up in my research. …

Health system leads on protecting workers

A child working as a weaver in the district of Lahore in Pakistan. (M.Crozet/International Labour Organization/Flickr)

rom Pakistani children sharpening surgical scalpels in grimy workshops to debt-bonded Bangladeshi migrants manufacturing disposable gloves, forced labor has long been an insidious part of the convoluted global supply chains that provide vital medical equipment.

Now, U.S. health care giant CommonSpirit Health wants its pledge to “do no harm” to…

The most severe heat wave on record gripped the Pacific Northwest and southwestern Canada this summer (Davis/Flickr)

Emergency departments are overwhelmed. Patient beds are lining hallways. Hospitals are at capacity. Patient transfers are delayed due to ambulances scrambling to respond to emergency calls for help. …

by Emma Sirois

Mourners attend a vigil for Guatemalan-born farmworker Sebastian Francisco Perez, 38, who died during the heat wave a week ago in Marion County while moving field irrigation lines, in St. Paul, Oregon, U.S. July 3, 2021. PCUN, Oregon’s Farmworker Union organized the vigil outside Ernst Nursery & Farms, the company where Perez was employed. (REUTERS/Alisha Jucevic)

By Emma Sirois

You may have heard of the devastation happening in the Pacific Northwest due to the recent heatwave. As someone living in the area, it’s hard to ignore. On June 27, temperatures in Portland, Ore. …

Health Care Without Harm

Health Care Without Harm seeks to transform health care worldwide so the sector reduces its environmental footprint and becomes a leader in the global movement.

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