CleanMed Connect: Designed with you in mind

10-minute talks, self-care strategies, stories that spur action

Introducing a brand new CleanMed experience…

We’ve designed CleanMed Connect with you in mind. These features will empower and refresh, offering something a little different but equally valuable as our other sessions.

Show your story

This highly visual and interactive presentation shares examples of how visualizing sustainability-specific data can evoke narratives and emotion to help people see themselves within the data and take action.

Make a connection

Our new interactive platform has all the power of social media and in-person networking in one package, connecting you to peers and suppliers working on solutions.

Make your voice heard

The Biden-Harris administration’s actions to address climate change and environmental health with policy affirms the need for federal and local leaders to understand the importance of transforming to a low-carbon, healthy, and equitable health care system and society. Find out how to advocate for a healthy and just future for your patients and community.

Flash talks from the front line

Hear two rounds of 10-minute talks from 10 leaders working on topics critical to health care in 2021.

Round 1

  1. Sustainability success for critical access hospitals
  2. Less food waste, more food for communities
  3. Waste reduction in the age of poor recycling markets
  4. Scope 3 emissions in health care
  5. Health care in an era of pandemics & climate change

Round 2

  1. ER waste solutions
  2. Integrating equity & sustainability into purchasing
  3. Fair labor in food service
  4. New pathways to zero-emission goals
  5. Living wages in health care

Caring for you

Health care can be a stressful environment with 24/7 operations, a changing landscape, not enough minutes in the day — and this stressful environment has been exacerbated by the events of 2020. Come to grips with what you’re feeling and learn coping strategies from fellow health professionals.

Don’t forget to ask about continuing education credits. Many of our sessions count toward your continuing education.

Health Care Without Harm seeks to transform health care worldwide so the sector reduces its environmental footprint and becomes a leader in the global movement.