• Kelli Barber Avanzino

    Kelli Barber Avanzino

    A nurse connecting the dots between human health & the environment.

  • Paul Lazenby

    Paul Lazenby

  • Roberta Cassidy

    Roberta Cassidy

  • Dawn Martinko

    Dawn Martinko

  • Laura Heydenburg

    Laura Heydenburg

    Love politics , world events , humor, life. A woman's place is in the #resistance

  • Stacey Tinianov

    Stacey Tinianov

    caffeine powered working mama; LSD runner; suburban environmentalist; social media socialite; shiny object follower. And, as of 5/30/13, breast cancer warrior!

  • Digby Hall

    Digby Hall

    Climate adaptation architect, striving to help tackle climate change through positive adaptation. Think. Move. Act.

  • Jennifer Lau

    Jennifer Lau

    Filling the pipeline. Teaching the next gen of hackers. YA evangelist. Geek 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. Closet gamer. Sondheim, Sorkin and Miranda. Go Blue!

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