UCLA Health hero ensures PPE supply during pandemic & beyond

“In the old days they used to call me cheap, but now I am — I guess — a hero in sustainability.”

— Victor Mitry, UCLA Health

At other organizations, health care workers faced severely limited supplies of disposable gowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, and in some cases, resorted to plastic bags for protection.

Economic and environmental savings

The disposable isolation gowns were susceptible to snags and rips and created 234 tons of landfill waste each year. Since switching to reusable gowns, UCLA has prevented 10 million disposable gowns from going to the landfills.

Trial by fire — and pandemic

“What we learned during the pandemic is that we have to look at resiliency. Our supply chain kind of dropped on us and we were left with a lot of PPEs that weren’t available. The good thing was that we started our isolation gown program back in 2012 and so we were ahead of the game and that helped us a lot.”

— Victor Mitry

“We didn’t not have a single PPE service failure at our hospitals during the pandemic.”

— Jim Buchbinder, Carilion Clinic director of laundry services

The transition from disposable to reusable

A triple win

Preparing for the next pandemic

Learn how Practice Greenhealth can help hospitals make the switch to reusable isolation gowns



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